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V-biz supports hard working business owners

by relieving them of the often overwhelming ‘administrivia’ that is part and parcel of running a business in today’s fast paced world! We provide Entrepreneurs / SMEs with an extremely reliable, cost effective and professional Business Admin Support Service – WHEN and AS it’s required. With a team of absolutely top notch Australian Virtual Assistants (VAs) who know their niche inside-out, V-biz provides superior Admin Support Services which include:

V-biz can assist you with a strategy for your business.

V-biz can provide you with as little or as much as you need, be it an operations manager, a virtual team or a virtual assistant who will work with you when required.

“Ingrid is a thought and action leader in Virtual Business Support. Having worked with her for some time I do not know that you could ever ask for more. She is always up-to-date with every aspect of the business, she copes with pressure and then does the unthinkably brilliant - she thinks ahead. She is superb with clients to the highest of professional level, handles crisis with aplomb and is a delight to be around. I could not speak more highly of her and her abilities.”

Dr Louise Mahler

Director, The Art of Business

"I cannot recommend Ingrid enough, she has been instrumental in improving our overall processes in our company" Ben Simkin

Managing Director & Consultant, BusinessNET Pty Ltd

"It is my great pleasure to highly recommend Ingrid as the most capable assistant I have ever worked with. She creates structure and standard practices out of chaos, which means I can hand off important accounting, business and personal tasks with confidence that it will get done or she will get back in touch to clarify whatever I was unclear about. More than that, Ingrid will then create a template for the next person who she introduces to perform that task." Andrew Walker

Founder, 3wks Pty Ltd


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