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V-biz VAs are self-employed professionals working from their own fully equipped office and providing superior Business Administration Support in their respective fields.


To give you some inspiration about how a VA could be a ‘fit’ for your business, here’s a list with some examples of the variety of the services that a V-biz VA can provide…

  • Work is generally performed at a flat hourly rate (retainer packages are available) with no minimum or maximum hours required – you only pay for the time spent on your project;
  • No need to worry about paying extra employment costs such as super, workers comp, sick leave, payroll tax;
  • VAs are able to be flexible with their working hours, and are able to work outside regular business hours, or at times that particularly suit your business routines/operations;
  • Location is no longer a factor when it comes to working with a Virtual team member. Our VAs can be based anywhere in Australia and are by nature varied, diverse, highly professional and extremely experienced;
  • V-biz VAs operate by a Guarantee which ensures that you receive a standard of service that is second to none.