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In business, the old saying, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’ is indeed true.  It’s fabulous to have vision and goals for your business and the service or product it delivers, but without some good plans and processes in place to support and carry its future growth, it will be very, very difficult to manage when and if these goals come to pass.

As simple as it may sound, documenting your business’s processes (or lack of) is a great place to start.  Do you know how each part of your business woBusiness Team Discussionrks?  If not, as a business owner, you should make it your business to know.

Start with basic areas such as:

  • Sales processes/policies
  • Customer Response Times
  • Pricing, fees and refunds policy
  • Marketing
  • Privacy and Client Confidentiality

By having processes clearly identified, a business is easily able to uncover where issues are occurring, and can quickly move to rectify them when things go wrong.

Also, by implementing documented processes into the business workflow, the team has the advantage of a clearly defined process that has been set out for them to follow.  No one is trying to second guess what is required because it is totally transparent.

Remember that your business processes will never be static – as your business grows, your processes will naturally change.   Therefore, a process document is organic by nature, and will change as your business changes… so it’s also important to set aside time to review your processes regularly and make the necessary adjustments when required.

Effective policies and processes that are clearly communicated with staff and contractors are part of the recipe for business success!

Ingrid  Bayer