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If you have researched the benefits of building Virtual Operations into your business model, then you will no doubt be aware of the cost saving benefits that come with this mode of business operation.

However, one thing we don’t talk about a lot is the fact that the virtual team is a totally scalable solution for your business.

growthWhen you need to up the ante and grow quickly to meet business demand, your virtual team can increase their time spent on your projects, or you can mobilise more team members quickly and easily.  And, remember, your team members also provide all their own equipment…

In the world of on-site full time and part time employees, the ability to grow is restricted by the hours your staff are paid to work, the size of your premises, your ability to add to the hardware and software required to meet the need that the potential of more on-site staff would bring.  It can add up to many thousands of dollars, and a big increase in overheads.

On the flipside, you can also downsize your virtual team quickly and without fuss.  When your business goes through periods of lower workflow (example, over Christmas), it’s no drama with a virtual team.  They will have other clients they provide their services to, and are used to the ebbs and flows of their clients’ requirements.

So, as well as cost savings, working with Virtual Teams and VAs is very scalable, and extremely low risk to you as a business owner.