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I love my work, and I love working in the virtual arena, delivering my skills via the technological whiz bang gadgetry that we have become so used to… but so often, even with all these tools and tricks, we fail to remember that great communication is still key to success. The ability to understand and be understood is so important, and this has never been more critical than when operating in a virtual business environment.

Working with virtual teams, conventional face to face interactions can be difficult (and costly) to achieve, but by using virtual meeting platforms such as GoToMeeting, or even Skype, you can successfully implement a regular time for a group facilitated session for the whole team.

Never underestimate the value of group interactions, even when facilitated in the cloud! The virtual teams I work with benefit greatly from these sort of structured interactions. I recommend a structured meeting, following an agenda – ensuring that each member of the team is given time to speak about their area/achievements/focus/activities. This allows the rest of the team to see/hear what each and every one is up to, and also builds a team mentality and team spirit. It can also be a time for managers to acknowledge the achievement of team members, or just give everyone an holistic overview of what the organisation in general is focusing on or moving towards.

If you are struggling to keep the communication flowing between your team members, V-biz can help you set this up and/or streamline it so it works for everyone, and is something that contributes to the future success of your business!