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In a couple of weeks I am heading overseas for a quick trip to visit my brother and his family who live on the other side of the world – literally.  In the past when I worked in the world of conventional employment, that would mean taking annual leave, and a huge inconvenience to my employer.

Because I work virtually, pretty much everything I doVirtual-Offices is totally cloud based.  Whilst I make sure that my clients will be aware when I’m away, I have found that with good preparation and time management, they often hardly even notice I’m gone – the result being that I can work from wherever in the world I am if I choose to.
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Meetings are set up so that (where possible) they work in dual time zones and are attended via cloud-based meeting platforms.  Skype is  used for instant messaging and skype to skype calls, emails are accessible online, files can be managed and shared using Dropbox allowing access from anywhere at any time.

Of course, everyone needs a holiday, but I find it fantastic to be able to travel when I want to without really causing a problem to my client base – and I do tend to travel quite a lot these days!

Another reason to love being a VA!

Ingrid Bayer